Theodore Roosevelt


By Laura McDorman

  • The White House

This an overview of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidential career.

This site is user-friendly, accurate, and appealing to the eye.


  • PBS – New Perspectives on the West

This website provides an overview of the influences that Theodore Roosevelt had on the world during his life.

This site has useful content, but it is not very user-friendly, and it is unappealing to the eye.


  • Miller Center: US Presidents/Theodore Roosevelt

This is a summary of Theodore Roosevelt’s life. It has facts about his birth, his family, and more.

This site is easy to use and has relevant information that I could use in developing my lessons.


  • Theodore Roosevelt Association

This site breaks President Roosevelt’s life into roles such as “The Conservationist” and “The Family Man.”

This site is relatively easy to use, and is easy on the eyes.


  • Theodore Roosevelt: Life Before the Presidency

This site give a detailed summary of Theodore Roosevelt’s life before his presidency.

This site is easy to use and is credible. There is contact information of the professor who wrote the information.


  • Theodore Roosevelt – Biographical

This website gives detailed summaries of Theodore Roosevelt’s political life.

This site has easy access to other links that give more information.


  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park Service

This site is about Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. However, it has links with information about Roosevelt’s life in the Badlands and as a rancher, etc.

Each link has a brief summary of the topic, but it is accurate information.


  • Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University

This website is set up to look like a newspaper, but has direct links to whatever you want to know about Theodore Roosevelt’s life.

For easy use, it has eye popping text to some of the more important topics such as his conservation research.


  • POTUS (Presidents of the United States)

This website is no longer making updates to the site, but it gives lists of Roosevelt’s cabinet while in office, and other information about his presidency

This website lists many other resources to cross reference with.

  • United States Senate: Theodore Roosevelt

This site goes more in depth about Roosevelt’s youth and his life before his presidency.

This website has references to back up the information. This website’s page is much longer than the other websites, so it is more useful. It is also a little harder to read because it is so long.


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